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Residential Proxies
  • 100 Million IPs
  • Unlimited Proxy Generation
  • Unbanned on All Sites
  • Sticky and Rotating Proxies
  • Site Specific Proxy Pools
  • User:Pass Authentication
  • Instant Delivery
Datacenter Proxies
  • 100% Fully Dedicated
  • 10 GBPS Speeds
  • Unbanned on All Sites
  • 30 Day Expiration
  • User:Pass Authentication
  • Instant Delivery
Frequently Asked Questions
You’ve got questions, and we have the answers!

A proxy can be used to mask the user's actual location to various websites, in order to purchase multiple items that are usually only allowed to be one item per person. Most websites will IP ban after a certain number of requests/second. Having many proxies allows the user to rotate between those IPs to avoid getting banned, run more unique tasks, and ultimately have more botting success.

Residential proxies are a specific type of proxy that portray the user to be from an actual residential location, compared to datacenter proxies that originate from datacenters. When using Residential proxies, you are enabled to generate as many proxies as you want. The limit is in the data that you send through the proxies, which is measured in GBs. Knowing this, the user needs to stay alert when using their proxies. If proxies are used for an extended period of time, the data can be used up quickly. There is no certain way to measure data usage, it is dependent on the website and the amount of tasks being run.

Static proxies are proxies that do NOT cycle the IP addresses in the background. Rotating proxies are automatically cycled in the background. Generally, static proxies are preferred.

In most cases, it is best to have a mix of both. Residential proxies are usually safer, and allow you to run more tasks, but they also are much slower. ISP proxies are much faster, but more expensive.

If your residential proxies get banned, you can go back to your proxy dashboard and generate brand new ones. If your ___ proxies get banned, you will have to wait a few minutes for the temporary ban to wear off.

Vortex Proxies work on all sites, unless mentioned otherwise. These include, Footsites, Shopify, Yeezy Supply, Supreme, Finishline, JD Sports, Nike SNKRS, and more.

Please wait approximately 15 minutes after purchase for proxies to work. If the issue persists, please contact us below.

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Vortex Proxies work on all sites, unless mentioned otherwise. These include, Footsites, Shopify, Yeezy Supply, Supreme, Finishline, JD Sports, Nike SNKRS, and more.